You are a god among men, born with the spark of divinity within you. Gather followers, build an empire, start a legacy. Will you be merciless and power-hungry? Or benevolent and kind? Begin your rise to immortality in this massive persistent Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition campaign.

Pardon our dust while our new site comes online. In the meantime, here are links to the files needed to play in the Living Divine campaign.

For players:

Living Divine Player's Guide - Our core guide, containing the basics of what you need to play Living Divine. Every player should read this, before playing.

Living Divine Character Log Sheet - A log sheet for tracking your progress through the campaign. Every character needs one of these.

Living Divine Arms and Equipment Guide - Equipment that is unique to our campaign.

For players converting from 4th Edition Living Divine:

Living Divine 5th Edition Conversion Guide - The guidelines for converting between editions.

5th Edition Conversion Record - A record for the conversion process. Each converted character needs one of these.

For gamemasters:

Living Divine Gamemaster's Guide - Guidelines for running Living Divine scenarios. Every gamemaster should read this.

Living Divine Pursuit Cards - A set of cards for running pursuit encounters. These make your life much easier.

Event coordinators that would like to run Living Divine at their events should contact Jay Babcock for further details.